Q. Can I register without a Coach?
A. No, it is not possible to register a team without a coach, for more information click here
Q. Is it possible to have a person from the industry appear as a coach?
A. No. As per the ICPC rules, it is compulsory to have a faculty member from the institution as a coach for the team.
Q. Should the team be present at HITS to take part in this contest?
A. No. The team need not be present at HITS as this is a online contest.
Q. Can a team participate in the Online or Onsite contest with less than 3 members?
A. No, it is not permitted. A team should consist of 3 members and one reserve member. Also, a team can only have one coach per team.
Q. Is it necessary to have the all team members from same institution?
A. Yes, A team should always be affiliated with one institution. So, there cannot be members from different institutions in one team.
Q. Is there any registration fee?
A. The registration fee is INR 500 per team for the online contest.
Q. Maximum teams allowed?
A. As of now, the maximum teams for the online round has been restricted to 1000.
Q. Can the team members login simultaneously using differenet computers?
A. No. Multiple logins for one team is not allowed.Teams doing multiple login will be disqualified. click here
Q. Method of payment?
A. Teams can pay either through DD or by online remittance, for more information click here
Q. Will this Contest affects the no of attempts in regional contests?
A. No. Since this is a national level single round contest, this contest will not count for maximum attempts in asia regionals.